Medicare Plan Finder

Medicare Part D Plan Finder

Medicare Plan D

With this system we are able to use your information and medications to compare all available medicare plans in just seconds! Absolute Best Bang for Your Buck!

We show you a complete list of all the Medicare Part D plans available along with the area, the monthly premium for each plan, the deductible for each plan, and the copay for each of your prescriptions. This system has helped save patients an average of $1,150/year! Come in to Larchmont Pharmacy any time so we can help you see which plan is best for you! 

Do you have questions about your Medicare prescription drug plan? Think you’re paying too much? 80% of the country is not on the most affordable Medicare Part D plan, so chances are you are overpaying!

The average patient saves $1,150 by comparing plans and we will find a plan that covers all of your medications! Schedule a consultation with your locally owned Larchmont Pharmacy.

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